Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare

Digital skills for Future Healthcare Players

The Corona pandemic has accelerated the of many industries. However, not all industries have equally adapted and implemented the opportunities digital technologies can offer. The healthcare sector, already under pressure and most directly impacted by the pandemic, is overdue to receive some relief digital technologies and services can provide. Reducing the administrative workload, providing better services at lower cost and allocating more time to patients are well within reach by taking advantage of what healthcare have to offer. However, the lack of digital knowledge and skills within this sector is one of the main reasons, it cannot benefit from the existing technologies.  That is why the Fraunhofer Academy’s „Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare“ online training program was developed. Funded by the EIT Health and developed with the partner organizations Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Universitat de Barcelona the interdisciplinary and modular program launched in 2020.

“It takes a village … in this case: an entire ecosphere to truly realize the potential digital  technologies and services can offer. Therefore, the program addresses and promotes exchange within the entire Health Ecosphere. Clinicians, hospital management, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, IT as well as change agents at payers, provider organizations, and supporting professional service providers will benefit from the program.”

The program is composed of 8 interdisciplinary, technology and management modules which can be chosen independently to gain the individually needed skills, e.g. “

In addition to the individual learning pathways, it is also possible to obtain one of three specializations in the „Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare“ Program:

  • Transformation Certificate (combination of modules 1, 2 & 8).
  • Technology Certificate (combination of modules 1, 2 & two modules of own choice)
  • Champion Certificate (completion of all 8 modules)

At the heart of the program are the interdisciplinary expert instructors from the different institutions across Europe that run the modules. Stay tuned to meet the experts behind our program on this blog – in the coming weeks we will present each of the experts and their thoughts on Future Healthcare here.

Until then, feel free to learn more about the program, click here.

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